Medical Peek 3D Printer Impant 3D Printing Case

Before the surgery, the doctor’s team asked IEMAI3D for help. IEMAI3D printed out the replacement prosthesis according to the actual situation. The prosthesis that needed to be replaced was printed by IEMAI. After a few discussions and trials.  PEEK material and MAGIC HT PRO Peek 3D Printer were chosen to print the tibial prosthesis. Based on the preoperative diagnosis and CT reconstruction data simulation; two sets of surgical plans are produced and printed two tibial prostheses. 3D printing technology greatly ensured the smooth operation.
  1. Patient Information:

Male, 34 years old, needed a prosthesis to replace one of the broken tibial segments caused by an accident.

Preoperative data (orthotropic)

Preoperative data (lateral)

2. Preoperative Planning:
Based on the patient’s preoperative data, a 3D reconstruction of the patient’s medical image for tibial prosthetic joint replacement surgery is performed, and the surgeon performs a preoperatively conducts a comprehensive and integrated evaluation of the patient, as seen in the figure.

3. Surgical Implementation:
Based on the 3D reconstructed model, the tibial prosthesis was printed using MAGIC-HT-PRO and the surgeon performed the replacement prosthesis surgery as seen in the figure.

4. Postoperative Results.

The surgery was completed successfully, and the patient recovered well after surgery, waiting for the removal of stitches, and waiting for discharge from the hospital.

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