Medical tubing extrusion line

Songhu has a professional R & D and production team of medical tubing extrusion line. The finished medical tubing produced by our machine has the characteristics of high precision, uniform and stable wall thickness and no trachoma; It is possible to carry out high-speed production while maintaining high precision.

The Medical Tube Extrusion Line machine is fully automated with PLC and recipes based system which makes the operation user friendly. The incorporation of high quality components ensures continuous running in most demanding and challenging environment. The pipe head could be customised as per the need of customer to suit various designs.

The length of the cooling water tank depends on the needs of the production speed and is enclosed to prevent any possible contamination. Process water is filtered using special filters to ensure its purity.

In the development of medical tubing production line, our company has accumulated advanced professional technology in the industry, which can directly reduce costs for customers and bring objective economic benefits. At present, we have accumulated a considerable number of customers in China. And they think highly of our machines

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