Medical Nose Oxygen Tube Extrusion Production Line

Songhu specializes in the research and development, production and technical services of precision medical tube extrusion production line, with first-class process equipment engineers and rich practical experience in the manufacturing of medical tube production equipment.

The Equipment components of  Medical Nose Oxygen Tube Extrusion Production Line
No. Name Quality
1 Precision φ50 Main Extruder 1SET
2 High Precision Extrusion Die Model 1SET
3 Vacuum Shaping Cooling Water Tank 1SET
4 Outer diameter caliper 1SET
5 Tractor 1SET
6 Microcomputer Cutting Machine   1SET

NO.1  Main extruder
The screw cylinder adopt high strength nitride alloy steel (38CrMoALA) or high strength quenched alloy steel (9Cr18MoV). The host driver adopts ac frequency conversion controller.The temperature controller adopts intelligent temperature control meter, the temperature control precision reaches ±1℃.

NO.2  Mould
The mould adopts imported S136 heat-stable extrusion mould special steel, smooth mirror flow channel, to provide enough guarantee for high-quality medical tube.  

NO.3  Cooling Shaping Water Tank 
Stainless steel setting water tank adopts imported SUS304 stainless steel bending moulding, full glass cover closed structure, medical grade stainless steel vacuum pump, high roundness and precision of pipes; Special sealed blow-drying device, no water splashing;  

NO.4  Belt Tractor  
The belt of the tractor adopts multi-wedge belt imported from Switzerland, Mitsubishi servo motor from Japan and high-precision synchronous belt transmission mechanism to ensure the long-term operation of high precision and high stability of the traction line speed, and the belt does not slip and make no noise in the traction process.  

NO.5  Cutting machine
The cutting machine adopts low inertia aluminum alloy rotating knife arm and special cutting knife sleeve, so that the incision is smooth without flying wire, servo motor drive, PLC programming control, touch type man-machine operation interface, which can ensure the accuracy of cutting length, cutting length can be arbitrarily set, cutting times automatic counting.  

Songhu service:
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3、Before shipment:We will make qualified products with equipment and ship them after your confirmation
4、After shipment:After the goods arrive, the relevant installation technicians will be in place for installation, and our Songhu engineers will also be present to give relevant guidance and training (at present, the world is in the epidemic period, and we will provide guidance services as appropriate)

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