17 PVC medical tube production lines have been tested successfully

With the rapid development of global medical industry, domestic and abroad high-precision plastic manufacturers have transformed into high-precision, high-quality medical tube. Medical tubes are widely used in gas delivery, blood delivery, drainage, drug administration, blood collection, infusion, induction detection and other links, which play an important role in diagnosis, treatment and other scenarios.

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Dongguan Songhu Plastic Machinery Corp is one of the professional manufacturers of precision medical extrusion lines, with professional CE standard certification. The company has been committed to the development and production of high-precision plastic extrusion lines, such as 3D printing filament production line, industrial pipe extrusion lines, and medical tube production line.

Songhu not only develops general medical tube production line, but also actively develops special medical tube production line,such as micro-tube and guide tubes extruder production lines.In recent years, our company has continuously expanded technical team, aiming to provide customers with professional, high-quality and high-precision service experience. After more than 10 years of precipitation and accumulation, more and more foreign medical tubing manufacturers have communication with us directly and purchased our extrusion line. With timely and professional pre-sale guidance, in-sale explanations, and after-sale return visits, customers praise us all the time and maintain close cooperation with our company for a long time. Through professional services, the company has left a deep impression on customers. At the end of September 2020, a well-known company in the industry placed an order for 17 medical tube production line at one time.

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Mass and stable production is a great challenge to medical tubing extrusion line manufacturers. In order to satisfy the needs of customers, our company created a special research and development team. From the aspects of ground, personnel, material, temperature, precision, our company formulated a set of customized production solutions for the customers, to provide solutions from development to production. Besides,We invited our customers to visit our factory, which committing to solve the trouble back at home for the customer. In order to improve the production process and ensure the stability of the production line, the company uses electronic components with CE standard certification, such as imported Siemens motor, Delta frequency inverter, Huibang temperature controller and so on. Screw and barrel are the important parts of extruder, 38CrMoAIA as raw materials, using nitriding and polishing production crafts, with heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. In order to improve the stability and precision of extrusion, the tolerance is controlled between 0.05mm and 0.1mm. In addition, The mould adopted S136 steel material, which is conducive to higher precision and better quality of extrusion products. In addition, according to the characteristics of customers' materials, our company has done special debugging in extrusion speed, extrusion temperature, cooling temperature, traction speed, closed-loop control, to ensure the stability of products in the customers' production process.

In March 2022, with the joint efforts by all staff,Dongguan Songhu Plastic Machinery Corp has successfully debugged 17 precision medical tube production line. The customer is very satisfied with it, so the acceptance is successful. The successful production of these production lines indicates that the company has more complete and perfect products in the development and production of medical tubing extruder equipment, which can meet the needs of users for different products.

It is a high requirement for team’s project management about How to digest each order quickly in machine workshop,especially with research and development nature which is a challenging mission. Once the customer has intention, the production center has generally organized the progress and quality work of all aspects of raw materials, production technology, production hardware, after-sales service and ect. Moreover,all departments worked together to fulfill the order well. And the combat effectiveness of a team needs to be constantly improved, so that we can provide customers with better and faster service!  

Since the establishment of Songhu Co.Ltd,the management team has been adhering to a service heart, which integrates precision extrusion equipment and mature technology to provide customers with turnkey projects in the industry. Because of this, the precision medical tubing extrusion lines ,3D printing filament extrusion lines and various industrial pipe extrusion lines have been exported to Europe, America, and Southeast Asian countries, which have won various praises from customers. We are grateful to our customers and partners for their strong support and cooperation. On the road of future growth, we will go   further definitely!

If you have special needs, welcome new and old customers to contact us. Our company has been committed to providing customized services for customers and constantly promoting the development of the industry!


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