All You Need to Know About Carbon Fiber filament

Carbon fiber is made of a long chain of carbon atoms bonded together. The chain is usually between 5 to 10 micrometers in diameter and varies in length according to the application. Over the years, carbon fiber has become popular across many sectors because it offers interesting properties, including high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion. Pure carbon fiber is actually five-times stronger than steel and twice as stiff, yet lighter. As you can imagine, these characteristics make carbon fibers suitable for applications that rely on a material’s properties to optimize performance, which is particularly the case in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, military or civil engineering for example.
As some of you may already know, carbon fibers are rarely used on their own. They are usually combined with other materials to form what we call a composite material – referred to as carbon fiber reinforced materials in this particular case. These composites are made of a matrix material, usually a polymer – even though it is possible to use non-polymer materials such as ceramics – to which carbon fibers are added. The main benefit is you end up with a stronger, yet lighter plastic with an increased level of stiffness.

Carbon Fiber Filament
Carbon fiber filament uses short carbon fibers, consisting of segments of less than one millimeter in length, which are mixed with a thermoplastic known as the base material. There are a number of popular filaments that can be bought with carbon fiber fill including PLA, PETG Nylon, ABS, and Polycarbonate. Songhu has developed carbon fiber filaments for more technical applications. such as PLA carbon fiber filament, petg carbon fiber filament, carbon fiber peek filaments and carbon fiber pekk filament, etc. These fibers being extremely strong, they cause the filament to increase in strength and stiffness, and also reduce its overall weight. 

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