Completely changed what I thought about wood filament!!!

I ordered this Isanmate wood PLA+ filament because I've really been wanting to print a baby Groot in wood but I've been apprehensive about trying wood filament. I've heard that it clogs your nozzle and it's very stringy and hard to work with. Someone in a Facebook group said I should try this brand so I decided to give it a shot. WOW! I'm so glad that I did!!! I tried making this 6inch sign for my father before I did a larger print. I wanted to see just how much stringing and possible clogging I was going to have to deal with. Honestly, this filament prints better than a lot of regular PLA I've worked with!! There was some stringing, but I watched several YouTube videos on printing with wood filament before undertaking this "printing with wood" endeavor, and every one of them had stringing no matter which brand of filament they used. I think it's just a byproduct of mixing wood powder with plastic. While, as I said, there was a slight amount of stringing, I possibly could have played with retraction settings a little more and gotten that down to a lesser amount, and even the stringing that did happen wiped away with my finger and where you see the strings on the letters, I took my Exacto knife and cut down the edge and the strings just cut away with extreme ease. I did all that before removing the print from the bed, as you can see in the photo. VERY EASILY! Most just broke free to a smooth finish. The packaging was the same as most other filaments I buy. It arrived vacuum sealed with a silica packet in the middle of the roll. I do wish the box had included a second resealable bag, but I have a dedicated "drying box" for filament that doesn't have resealable bags as many companies don't send a second bag with their rolls so that's not a big deal. I'm quite impressed by this filament and now wish I had tried printing with wood filament earlier. That being said, had I tried another filament and had bad results, I probably never would have given ISANMATE filament a chance. Since I have purchased this filament and printed this file, I have downloaded a few more files that I want to print in "wood" so I'm definitely going to be buying more of this stuff!!! I 100% HIGHLY recommend it! Watch the video and see just how smoothly it's going down!

Printing information:
Thingiverse file: thingiverse. com/ thing: 1753581
Printer: CR-10v2
Slicer: Cura 4.6.1
Nozzle temp: 200
Bed temp: 50
Layer height: 0.16
Retraction: 5 Retraction Speed: 45 (as I said, I'll probably play with these settings)

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