Dual-Color 3D printing filament production line

        With the rapid development of the 3D printing industry, the scale has increased year by year, and the growth rate has continued to increase. The whole 3D industry is developing towards refinement and specialization, with huge market potential and wide application fields. Dual-Color Filament (also named as Dichromatic Filament) is the most popular filament in 2022,which has matte, glitter, silk and other specialty materials. Depending on different view angle, the color will change differently. This material can not only make beautiful prints, but also provide new inspiration for artistic creation.

        Recently, dual-color filament has become increasingly popular. In many social media, the exposure rate has continued to increase. There has been a significant increase in recent months.

        3D printing experts at domestic and abroad and even ordinary enthusiasts have released their own evaluations and impressions in Social media.

        The momentum of various e-commerce platforms has increased greatly, and dual-color filament have developed into a trend.
        Dongguan Songhu Plastic Machinery Corp is one of small and medium-sized manufacturers in precision plastic extrusion production lines integrating R&D, production and sales. With professional CE standard certification, Songhu has been committed to the development and production of high-precision plastic extrusion lines, such as 3D printing filament production lineindustrial pipe extrusion lines, and medical tube production line.

        Songhu has 12 years of multi-material filament extrusion production line qualification, which has a strong core competitive advantage in the industry, with a close communication and cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign filament sales manufacturers. This year, under the joint efforts of R&D, production and business teams in Songhu, we broke through ourselves and developed a new product -- Dual-Color 3D printing filament production line. Dual Color filament are made up of two completely different colors, one half is a solid color and the other half is a solid color. Through two extrusion main extruder to melt the polymer, the filament can flow in a laminar manner in the whole extrusion process. Therefore, although the material coming out of the die head is not a mixture of the two, it still has the same dual-color pattern. This marks the change from a standard color filament to a truly unique appearance polymer. The machine is suitable for 3D printing materials such as Silk PLA dual color. If you print with this material, you will end up with different colors from different angles.

        In order to improve the production process and ensure the stability of the production line, the company uses electronic components with CE standard certification, such as imported Siemens motor, Delta frequency inverter, Huibang temperature controller and so on.Screw and barrel are the important parts of extruder, 38CrMoAIA as raw materials, using nitriding and polishing production crafts, with heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. Besides,in order to improve the stability and precision of extrusion, the tolerance of dual color filament can control  between +/-0.03mm to +/-0.02mm. In addition, the extrusion line adopts S136 steel material mould which is conducive to higher precision and better quality of extrusion products. The production line can produce dual-color filament with a diameter of 1.5mm-3.0mm. The processing temperature can reach 400°C . Importantly, according to the needs of customers, Songhu can provide customers with customized services in terms of extrusion speed, extrusion temperature, cooling temperature, traction speed, and closed-loop control. We will test targeted extrusion templates to help our customer produce different types of dual color filament. If you also need additional auxiliary equipment, such as drying hopper, chiller machine, vacuum packaging machine and etc, we can also meet your needs at the same time.

        If you have special needs, welcome new and old customers to contact us! Our company has always been committed to providing customers with customized services, aiming to continuously promote the development of the industry!


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