Dual Color Filament Extruder Machine | 2022 New Choice of 3D Printing fFlament Production Line

I believe that everyone in the 3d printing industry has noticed a new filament - dual-color 3d filaments since the end of last year.

This filament is produced by two-machine co-extrusion, and the two different colors of filament are uniformly extruded in half through a special extrusion die. You can even make beautiful "Tai Chi" filament by changing different extrusion dies.

In fact, Songhu Plastic Machinery has already developed the relevant extrusion technology five years ago, from the extrusion production process of dual-color, third-color, and even five-color co-extrusion.

With the continuous development of 3D printing technology, the importance of new materials and their processing technology has become more and more prominent. The revolution of 3D printing technology is the revolution of new materials and processes. As a leader in the 3D printing industry, Songhu has been deeply aware of this from the very beginning. This 3D printing consumables testing machine is made by Songhu, which integrates many years of rich equipment manufacturing technology and advanced raw material processing technology.

Precision extrusion comes from precise control;

Precision extrusion comes from professional manufacturing;

Precision extrusion stems from our conscientious and responsible craftsman spirit.


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