How are tricolour filaments produced?

When we talked about the 3D printer filament, it will be comes single color filament in his mind. With the development of 3D printing technology, the market demand for 3D printing filaments continues to expand, and the color of filaments has developed from single-color to dual color, and now tricolor. 

Magic Tri-Color Coextrusion PLA: You can get a gorgeous printing surface without polishing. Such as: Silk Blue Silk Red Silk Green combination of magic PLA filament 1.75mm, Make the three sides of your print appear in different colors. By rotating the part to a different orientation you can completely change the visible color.

The 120 degree appearance of this filament is achieved through a process known as co-extrusion. Co-extrusion involves using three extruders, rather than one, to push three different colors of filament into one strand, with the color divide 3 parts of filament.

Tri-colour filament producing process :
3 SETS Main Extruder ---- Extruder Mould ---- 4m Hot Water Tank ---- 2m Normal water tank ---- Laser X ---- Tractor ---- Storage Device ---- Auto Meter ---- Winder

After this process, you will get the final products (Tri-colour Filament)

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