How silk bronze color 3d filament printing effect looks great for Hulk model printing?

   As you can see on our website product link,we have 8 different colors for silk PLA 3d printer filament,these 3d filament colors are including emerald green,bronze,rose golden,sliver,pink,noble purple,red bronze,golden.All of these filaments are unique for their shinny and glossy surface,and they have flowing halos under the light shining.Comparing with common PLA filament,silk PLA filament has better and brightly gloss.

   We try to print different 3d models to test our 3d filament performance.Hulk is one of our testing model of our silk PLA bronze color,because Hulk’s color is more likely bronze.Our slicing parameters for Hulk 3d model printing is as follow,you can have a reference(we use Creality Ender3 3d printer):

Printing temperature:200℃
Hot bed temperature:50℃
Printing speed:55mm/s
Idling speed:150mm/s
First layer speed:20mm/s
Skirt/Brim speed:20mm/s
Printing time:17hours 9minutes
   Considering the 3D printer printing performance is various for each printing machine,we suggest you to try different slicing parameter to get the best printing effect.
   After printing,we get below 3d printing model Hulk,it looks very nice,right?I post it on my facebook,many followers ask me how could they try this silk PLA 3d printing filaments?For now,we don’t have silk PLA on Amazon warehouse,therefore,if you want to try it,please feel free to contact with us directly,we can provide 100g free sample,only shipping cost need to be paid by your side.

   If you have any product development idea,you can contact with us for it,we will be happy for helping.

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