How to maintain the 3D printing filament extruder machine?

Lubricate frequently:
Bearings and connecting rods require frequent lubrication to increase machine life. It is important to use a good lubricant with heat resistance as it will not melt into a liquid. Lubricants reduce friction in the rods, bearings and other moving metal parts of the machine. It reduces wear and tear and keeps the machine up and running longer.

Do a good job of cleaning:

1. Cleaning of the brush
Regularly clean all parts of the machine with brushes such as brass, nylon and steel. The cleaning brush gives you easy access to different parts of the machine.

2. Cleaning of 3D printing filaments
Clean the filament carefully to avoid dirt clogging the filament. Remember that filament attracts different kinds of dirt and waste from the environment because it is electrostatically charged. Make sure to clean the supplies regularly to increase the durability of the machine.

3、 Clean the filament extruder
Remove all forms of residual material from the filament extruder. With the cleaning filament, all material deposited in the extruder can be easily removed. The machine runs smoothly without paper jams.

Do the inspection work:
 1. Always check the lubricating oil level of each gear box, whether the cooling water is unblocked and the lubrication of each rotating part. If any abnormality is found, deal with it by yourself or report it to the relevant person in charge (gear oil should be added to the gearbox distribution box, The cooling case should be filled with thermal oil).

2. Always check the sealing and water leakage of various pipe filters and joints, and do a good job in the protection of cooling pipes.

3. The raw materials in the feeding hopper must be pure and free of impurities, and no metal is allowed to be mixed in to ensure that the barrel and screw are not damaged. When feeding, check whether there is a magnetic frame in the bucket, if not, it must be put into the magnetic frame immediately, and the metal objects attached to the magnetic frame should be checked and cleaned frequently.

4. The machine is generally not allowed to run empty to avoid scratches and scratches between the screw and the barrel or the screws are bitten to each other.

5. If the current supply is interrupted, the potentiometers must be reset to zero and the drive and heating must be stopped. After the voltage is normal, it must be reheated to the set value and kept warm (some products must be removed after the mold is removed) before starting up, so as not to prevent Damage the equipment by opening the cooler.

6. The water pump of the auxiliary machine The vacuum pump should be maintained regularly, and the blocked nozzles in the water tank (slot) should be cleaned in time and the damaged sealing strip on the cover of the shaping box should be replaced. The screw bearing needs to be lubricated regularly to prevent rust.

7. Regularly drain the accumulated water in the three-connector of the air source.

8. Do the locking inspection of all fasteners of the machine in time, such as the fastening screws of the heating ring, the wiring terminals, the clamping blocks of the tractor, the clamps of the cutting machine and the components with the outer shield of the machine.

9. Clean up the residual raw materials in the mold and barrel and the easily decomposable stopper immediately after each production. If the machine is not in production for a period of time, apply anti-rust oil on the surface of the screw case and mold runner, and put it in the mold. Inject rust inhibitor into water pump and vacuum pump.

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