Are you curious about manufacturing process of FEP heat shrinkable tube?

Medical grade FEP heat shrinkable tube is mainly used in electrosurgical medical instrument and medical component and equipment. FEP heat shrinkable tube is the industry gold standard for reflowing catheter shafts and bonding joints heat shrinkable tubing, it has excellent electrical insulation properties.

Are you curious about manufacturing process of FEP heat shrinkable tube? Let us introduce it to you.

1. Manufacturing Process Of FEP Heat Shrinkable Tube
The manufacturing process of FEP heat shrinkable tube can be divided into base tube manufacturing and inflation molding.

1.1 FEP Tube Production Process:
FEP raw material → extrusion die → cooling and forming → traction → cutting → collection → finished FEP tube

In the manufacture process, extrusion at low temperature and low speed. The screw speed should not be too fast in order to control the lower extrusion volume.

As a base tube for inflation, the surface must be smooth and the wall thickness uniform, and the appearance of silk lines, large black spots, impurities, etc. on the surface is not allowed.

The wall thickness of the base tube is generally controlled within the range of 0.20 ~ 0.60 mm, and the optimum wall thickness should be (0.25 -- 0.40) ± 0.02 mm.

This process uses FEP tube extrusion line.

1.2 Inflation molding (expansion process):
Cut the FEP heat-shrinkable base tube to a certain length, then fix it in the inflation mold, seal both ends, and ventilate at one end, inflate under the condition of heating and pressurization, and then cool and shape.

The parameters of the inflation process mainly include: temperature, pressure, traction speed.

Temperature: According to the basic principle of the inflation process, the inflation temperature of the FEP heat-shrinkable tube should be between the glass transition temperature and the melting temperature, and the optimum inflation temperature is 130°C to 190°C.

Pressure: general inflation pressure is 0.25~0.1MPa.

Traction speed: when the inflation temperature and pressure are constant, the traction speed is inversely proportional to the inflation rate

This process uses expansion machine.

2. Machine Manufacturer Of FEP Heat Shrink Tube
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