Matters needing attention when using pipe extruder

         Pipe extruder machine is a kind of plastic machinery, which is usually divided into four categories: twin-screw extruder, single-screw extruder, rare multi-screw extruder and non-screw extruder. In the production process of the enterprise, the equipment is the key to the production of the enterprise, and it directly affects the comprehensive benefit of the enterprise. In the production process of the enterprise, whether the machinery and equipment can operate normally depends mainly on the perfection of the machinery. Then let's learn about the precautions when using the extruder, the maintenance of the barrel and how to buy the machine!

In use, there are certain precautions for machinery, let's take a look first:

1. The extruder should run forward to avoid reverse.

2. Do not run on an empty stomach, and the machine must be heated and fed, so as to avoid the phenomenon of sticking bars (holding the shaft).

3. It is strictly forbidden to enter the iron and other miscellaneous objects in the feed port and vent hole of the extruder, so as to avoid accidents and affect production.
4. Safe use of electricity and grounding wire.
5.It is forbidden to touch the rotating parts such as the feeding port, the discharging port, the belt and the gear when the machine is running.

6. Lubricating oil should be injected into the machine before use to avoid damage to the machine.

In order to improve the economic and social benefits of the enterprise, the perfection of the machinery and the normal operation of the machine account for a large proportion, and it can also have a certain impact on the assessment items produced by the enterprise. The barrel wear of plastic extruders is mainly manifested in With the wear and tear of the use process, the inner diameter of the barrel increases. Because the inner surface hardness of the barrel is higher than that of the screw, the damage of the barrel is later than that of the screw. The following matters need to be paid attention to in the maintenance method and repair process of the barrel:

1. The diameter of the barrel increases due to wear. If there is a certain nitriding layer, the inner hole of the barrel can be directly bored and ground to obtain a new diameter size, and then a new screw can be prepared according to the new diameter.

2.Through machining, the inner diameter of the barrel is trimmed and the alloy is re-cast, the thickness is controlled between 1~2mm, and then finished to the necessary new size.

3.Usually, the homogenizing section of the barrel wears faster than other positions. The homogenizing section can be trimmed and equipped with a nitrided alloy steel bushing. The diameter of the inner hole refers to the diameter of the screw, and it is left in the normal matching gap for processing and preparation.

4. Materials for screw and barrel manufacturing At present, the commonly used materials for domestic manufacturing of screws and barrels are 45, 40Cr and 38CrMoAlA, while the materials used for screw and barrel manufacturing in imported extruders are commonly used alloy steels 34CrAINi7 and CrMoV9. The yield strength is about 900MPa. After nitriding treatment, it has both wear resistance and good corrosion resistance, and the hardness is above 1000HV.

How do we choose a good extruder?
1. First determine whether the extruded product is plastic or rubber;

2. Determine the screw diameter according to the size of the product section;

3.Determine the capacity of the machine according to your own needs

4. After confirming the above content, check the configuration, quality and manufacturer's ability of different brands of equipment.

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