Printing experience of Isanmate 3D filament---From our Chile customer

This is cherish from Isanmate.Today I going to tell you a story about how I develop my Chile customer Santiago and his printing experience of our Isanmate 3d filaments.

I found Santiago from the website because he is selling 3d filament online for Chile local market.His most popular product is PLA and PETG,which is two kinds of common filaments for FDM 3d printer.The FDM printing technology is very easy for operation and popular for the beginners.However,the PLA filament color he is selling is very normal and basic,dont have other special colors,so I think I can cooperate with him in the special color PLA such as rainbow PLA,marble PLA,carbon fiber PLA,wood PLA,silk PLA and so on.Since we are the manufacturer of 3d filament and filament extruder machine,we have the ability to develop the color which is needed for the market.He is quite interested for that,and he placed sample order on our Amazon website.

After getting our 3d filament 1.75mm sample,he can
t wait to test our sample.He is quite satisfied with our neatly winding of the 3d filament,because many suppliers cant make the 3d printing filaments neatly winding.You can see below comparing picture:
Our orange color PETG 3d filament:                                                                          Other supplier
s filament:

He use this parameters for printing the retraction test:nozzle 245, bed 70, vent 60%;but the printing effect seems no very goods,I asked him to adjust the retraction speed and other parameters,then printing several times for testing the best effect.Because the printing performance is quite different for each 3d printers,so we have to try several times to get the best printing effect.
The first printing sample of his testing:

He also bought the marble PLA for testing,below is his testing sample.He loves the marble texture of our marble 3d filament:

  After testing,he is quite satisfied with our 3d filament quality and we are talking with each other for further cooperation.Hope we can have a good and long-term business relationship with each other.


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