Soft TPU

This filament is not the easiest to print with but once you get it figured out, it does a terrific job. First of all, this is really soft TPU. This means that you will need a path from your extruder to your print head that is free of any gaps or crevices that the filament can bend into. Any small gab and the filament will take advantage of it and get stuck. The other important thing to remember is that printing slow and at a consistent speed is essential. For me, this means about 30-40 mm/s and change all speeds to that pace. Don't let your slicer speed up or slow down based on line type. Also, I don't recommend any retraction given the flexibility of this filament. Make sure you have "Combing Mode" set to "All" if you use Cura. My hot end temperature was set at either 210 or 215 with good results.


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