Talents gather in Songhu and make progress together - Blessing for the commencement of Songhu Group 2022  

February 8, 2022 is the first day of work for Sonhu Group after the Spring Festival holiday.  In the New Year, Mr. Wang, the chairman of Songhu, sent his best wishes to all colleagues.  
And for colleagues to send oranges and candy and work red envelopes.  In China, oranges are auspicious, candies are happy, and red envelopes are a special Chinese blessing for partners.  Every detail reflects the company's care and expectation for every employee.  

( Distribute New Year's benefits )
Then Mr. Wang, general manager of the company began to organize colleagues to hold a mobilization meeting for the New Year. At the meeting, Mr. Wang expressed his best wishes for the New Year and the working direction of Songhu Group in the New Year.  Mr. Wang was very excited to see so many hard-working, earnest and dedicated colleagues, because Songhu has always been people-oriented and believes that the core competitiveness of the company is talent.  

mobilization meeting )
Songhu Group always adhere to the "customer demand and technological innovation, continue to bring value to customers" as the enterprise mission,  Over the years to bring customers excellent mechanical equipment products, which is inseparable from a "Songhu people" quietly behind the hard work, we always put customer needs first.  In the New Year, we will uphold the same belief and continue to provide our customers with excellent products and services.  

( songhu engineers )
2022 We songhu company is  ready to go forward together, the grand plan.  Songhu company provides all kinds of plastic extrusion equipment, industrial 3D printers, 3D printing filaments, welcome new and old customers to consult and negotiate, create brilliant together!  

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