PETG&PLA Test Process

PLA testing process:
All I have to say is "Wow!" This is some good filament. However my .4mm nozzle didn't like it. But the .5mm nozzle is perfect. 
The "Oni Mask" was printed at .2mm layer height, .5mm Vanadium nozzle, 10% infill, with 70 degree supports, and 220c print temp.
I didn't have any build plate adhesion issues. Didn't have much stringing. The excellent 3 printouts , good glossiness and smooth
to touch. 

PETG testing process:
The printing temperature of PETG filament is 210-240°C and I started at 220.
It wouldn't stick to the bed that low. After many attempts at bed leveling,I started playing around with temps. 
I found that the perfect temperature for this filament is  235° extruder, and 85° bed temp. 
The fan was set to 0 for the first layer with 30 regular and 50 max for remaining layers.
This filament is BEAUTIFUL. we got and ZERO artifacting.

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