You have to Love the GLOW!

With my very first 3D printer, I could only print with ABS. At that time, I frequently printed in a Glow ABS. Kids just seem to be really intrigued by Glow-in-the-Dark items and it was a big seller back then. I have looked for PLA in a glow for quite some time and the only items I found were way to over priced for my tastes. Then I stumbled across ISANMATE's Glow in the Dark Filament and decided to give it a go. When the box arrived and I opened it, I saw the same quality packaging that I always see in ISANMATE's filaments, solid box with a nicely vacuum packaged roll of filament. Removing it from the package only took a few minutes and it was set to print. I really appreciate the quality of the spooling of the filament. Nice even rows of filament shows that ISANMATE takes the time to get it right the first time. I normally do a test print, without running a Temp Tower, just to see hoe the filament prints with "Standard Settings" The Benchy printed beautifully on my MK3s. Once the print was done, I let the print sit in the bed and cool and soak in the light. Then I turned off the lights to see how well the glow would show. Some filament I have tried in the past, had a very low glow and it was difficult to take photos without adding some additional light. Not so for this filament, these photos are straight from my phone. There is a little bit of stringing visible but a few extra degrees of heat will fix that and then these will be perfect. The last image is what 3D printing is all about. Our old Christmas tree star died and we had to buy a new one. The star came with a terrible mount that looked like it was made from the top of a milk carton. as tall as our tree id, the star would never fit on top with that stupid mount. I took the mount from the old star and testid it. The "Chip Clip" design is great and allows the star to be mounted lower on the tree and that way it clears the ceiling. The mount had a green tube on top that fit the old star but didn't fit the new one, it was bigger. After 15 minutes of time in the modeling software and 30 minutes of print time and the new star was on the tree. The glow filament isn't as white/white as the star but buried in the tree, you'll never notice.

All in all, I have come to like ISANMATE's filament and the price is very hard to beat. If you need to GLOW, give this filament a try!!

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