2022 precautions before the production of industrial 3D printing filament extruder machine

3D printing filament extruder machine consists of several parts,including Main Extruder,high precise extrusion mould,2 plus 2 3D constant temperature circulating water tank,fixed cooling circulating water tank,drying device,Laser LST-25X,storage device,four wheels Haul-off machine,auto Meter Device,neat winding machine.The following are the notice before production of 3D printing filament production line.

Before starting:
(1) Check if the temperature control is sensitive, if the equipment is out of order, and if the cooling water circuit is smooth. Methods such as thermometers and cooling water are typically used for detection

(2) Be sure to tighten the connection screws and bolts of each part of the die while it is still hot. Before extruding the material, the operator should not stand in front of the die to prevent the bolts and screws from breaking and injuring.

(3) Heat the screw, barrel and die head of the extruder according to the operating procedure of the extruder. After the temperature rises to the set temperature, it should be kept warm for about 10 minutes before starting the machine. Some of the machines tend to stabilize.

(4) First, add a small amount of material to maintain the supply balance. Pay close attention to various table values ​​such as torque when feeding. After the material is extruded from the die head and pulled into the traction device, the amount of material can be gradually increased to normal extrusion. At the start of extrusion, slow down the screw speed and then gradually increase it to prevent damage to parts due to overload at start-up.

When starting towing:

(5) When starting the aperture, it is necessary to keep a certain distance between the setting die and the die head to facilitate the aperture. Open the channel (be careful not to let water flow into the die head, otherwise it will cause abnormal drainage from the die head, resulting in material breakage and mold clogging), small in one mold You need a complex shape with cavities and multiple cavity profiles. Open the cover of the molding mold. After verifying that the extruded material is properly plasticized, pull the material into the tractor through the set tow rope. Shorten the distance between the setting table and the die head, cover the cover, start the vacuum pump, basically when the extrusion speed and extraction speed are balanced, observe that the profile is extruded normally and reduce the distance between the settings. Shrink. Make the table and die head ideal values.

(6) If no parison is formed at the inlet end of the setting die, or if internal ribs are attached to the surface of the internal cavity of the profile, use a pointed tool to use an unmolded part of the parison or An internal rib hole at the entrance end of the first setting die allows a small cavity to communicate with the atmosphere, and the parison is open when entering the setting die, which is useful for forming negative pressures and the parison of the setting die Adhere firmly to the mold wall.

(7) In case of blockage (not completely blocked), it is necessary to return the setting table immediately, increase the traction speed, execute the above two schemes at the same time, and then adjust and restart the process. .. Normal production. If it is blocked and the implementation of the above plan is invalid, immediately return the molding table, push the material along the molding die, close the moisture in the molding die, reduce the traction speed, shape the profile die. Slowly pull out from. If some profiles are damaged on the molding die, the molding die should be disassembled to completely remove the residue.

During downtime:

(8)When stopping the machine, usually first add the stop material to extrude the production material in the machine, then stop the machine and disassemble the die head while still hot for mold cleaning. is needed.

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