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Songhu carbon fiber filament extruder machine is suitable for making all kinds of carbon fiber 3d filament .this filament extruder maker is economic for mass production.

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Filament Includes:

No.1: High thermal properties, with a CUT of 120°C and HDT of 150°C

No.2 : Excellent strength and stiffness over a wide temperature range, up to 150°C 

No.3: Very low moisture absorption yielding improved retention of mechanical properties even when exposed to humid environments 

No. 4:Low density makes it ideal for light-weight parts

No. 5:  Superior chemical resistances, Low shrinkage and warping for high dimensional stability and reproducible part-to-part measurements.

Someone will be amaze what kind of machine can produce such perfect filament. Pls check the details as follows;

   The Machine Composition of Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Filament Extrusion Line






SHSJ-45mm Main Extruder


45mm screw


High precise extrusion mould (1.75mm/3.0mm)


Extrusion die is S136


2 plus 2 3D constant temperature circulating water tank

1 SET 

SUS304 stainless steel


Fixed cooling circulating water tank




Independent drying device




Laser   LST-25X




Storage device


8 meter


Four wheels Haul-off machine


Wearable and thick


Auto Meter Device


Before pakcing


Auto winding machine (Neat Winding System)


Automatic metering

Carbon Fiber Filament Extruder Machine:
Carbon Fiber Filament Extrusion Machine/3D Printing Filament Making Machine

1.  Higher capacity compared with other suppliers using the same model.
2.  Perfect tolerance:+/-0.03mm, even+/-0.01mm.
3.  It can produce the different diameter of filament from 1.75mm-3.0mm.
4.  Easy operation: Full-automatically control system.
5.  Produce different raw material:Carbon Fiber ABS PLA PA HIPS PET.
6.  Low maintain. We did not receive any complaint once the machine is running.
7.  We can provide installation services overseas       

 Controlling system

 —Power:     11KW

—Heating control zone:  6

—Barrel air cooling zone:  4

—Mould, a connecting body:   2

—Cooling system: 120W * 4 multiple wing type high efficiency


Extruding Die(1.75mm3.0mm)

-----Steel Material: S136

-----Size: According to sample size

----One Mould can produce different diameter filament for 3D printer

Such as : Normal specification 1.75mm 3.0mm ,2.0mm 2.85mm

2+2 meter Hot water tank

-----Water tank material:  Stainless steel SUS304

------Water tank length:  4000mm (divided into two segments)

------ Automatic control of the heating water tank: 1 piece 

------Heating power: 2KW X 220V

Laser measuring diameter instrument (X)

-----Measure range: 0.1mm-10mm

-----Diameter measure meter accuracy:+/-0.002mm

-----Caliper gauge with feedback device, can control the extruder screw

4 wheel haul-off device

----High efficiency, multi wedge belt abrasion resistance of the surface traction

----The precision of Frequency inverter controller   ---Motor power: 0.75KW

8 meter storage device

---The maximum line length: 100 meters ----Motor control: 0.75KW

----Tension control: magnetic particle clutch

----Wire diameter: 4.0mm ----Spool: 250mm

Auto Meter Device and Winding Machine

---The function of automatic meter

--Tension control device

---Automatic cable winding

---Motor Power : 0.75Kw*2SET

Songhu service:
1、Pre sales:We will conduct in-depth communication according to your sample requirements and the actual production workshop, which can effectively ensure the pertinence of products
2、In production:We welcome relevant technicians of your company to come to supervise and guide, and we will also report to the project leader of your company periodically
3、Before shipment:We will make qualified products with equipment and ship them after your confirmation
4、After shipment:After the goods arrive, the relevant installation technicians will be in place for installation, and our Songhu engineers will also be present to give relevant guidance and training (at present, the world is in the epidemic period, and we will provide guidance services as appropriate)


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