IEMAI High Temperature High Speed Industrial Pellet 3d Printer



Build Volume:1500*1500*1500 mm

Printing Temperature: Up to 500°C

Hot Bed Temperature::Up to 120°C

Extrusion System:Similar to the traditional extruder, three heating Regions can improve the performance of the printed parts.

Majority of the Pellets on Market:PLA, CF-PLA, ABS, ASA,ASA-GF,TPU, PETG, PA, CF-PA, PC, CF-PC, PP,PEEK,PEKK…

IEMAI High Temperature High Speed Industrial Pellet 3d Printer

1.Large print space
With 1500*1500*1500 mm build volume, and it is a fully enclosed industrial 3D printer for producing fullscale, large parts including
functional prototypes, factory tooling, patterns and molds, and end-use parts.

2. Lower cost
Cut your material costs by more than 60% by printing with pellets and recycled plastics instead of filament.Pellet extrusion system extrudes directly from plastic resin instead of filament, eliminating part of the manufacturing process,as you know the cost of filament is much higher than pellet,so the pellet printing cost can be much more affordable. Pellet Extrusion enables material cost savings up to nearly 10 times compared to traditional 3D printing filaments. 

3.Faster printing speed
Liquid Cooled Single Screw With Three Temperature Regions ,The maximum printing temperature is 500, which can print most plastic materials.The printing speed of pellet extrusion system is much higher than 3D filament extrusion system. Use our standard 4mm nozzle the extrusion rate of our pellet extruder is up to 6KG per hour.

4.Vacuum Absorption Platform
Vacuum adsorption is adopted so that there is no limit to the materials that can be used on the platform. You can use FEI, PC
material platform. And after printing we can use the platform cart to load out the paltes and take out the prints .

5. Automatic feeding
There are two laser detectors at the feed port of the print head, and when it detects that there is no material, it will command the machine to feed it.

6.Hot bed Zone heating
The platform can be heated in different areas, as shown in the figure.
When printing items with relatively small chassis,can only open 1 area,saving more power .

7.Wifi control printing &Monitoring
Pre-installed remote monitoring software connected to internal cameras, enabling you to view printing status and control machines
in real-time.Wifi control the printing

Please click on the photo hyperlink to see the actual case demonstration of our 3D Printer.

Dongguan Iemai Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is a high technological enterprise which specialized in producing 3D printers and 3D filaments in the Pearl River Delta of China. IEMAI 3D develops, manufactures, and sells high performance functional materials and Industrial 3D printing solutions.

IEMAI is committed to the highest manufacturing design and quality standards where all 3D printers have received ROHS and CE certifications. IEMAI is committed to the research and development of core technology, and we have software copyright and invention patents.
Today, IEMAI's 3D printing solutions cover the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, medical, dental and electronics manufacturing industries.

Our Main products:
1. Large printing size industrial series: YM-NT-750, YM-NT-1000.
2. High performance materials high temperature 3D printing series: MAGIC-HT-M, MAGIC-HT-L, MAGIC-HT-PRO, MAGIC-HT-MAX, YM-HT-750.
3. Desktop 3D printers: MAGIC-L , YM-S400, YM-S600. MAGIC-M, MAGIC-S, MAGIC-PRO.
4. 3D Letter printing machine: YM-AUTO-600, YM-4020 , YM-600.
5. 3D printing consumables, including PEEK, PEI ( ULTEM ) , PPSU , PLA, ABS, PETG, PC, CARBON FIBER, TPU , TPE, PVA, HIPS, METAL,PA6, etc..

Our certification:
* 10+ Patents.
* CE , Rohs certification.
* 1 software copyright
* Our trademark has been authorized by China, EU, and the United States.
* China High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Trust by
IEMAI has high quality standards for products .Our 3D printers and materials has CE and ROHS.
And we had pass ISO9001-2015

Technology Particle 3D Printer Max Printhead Temperature: 500℃
Print volume: 1.5*1.5*1.5M Max hot bed Temp: 120℃
Pellet Diameter: 2MM~6MM Print speed: 6Kg Per Hopur
Filament material: PLA, CF-PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG, ASA, PA, CF-PA, PC, CF-PC, PP... Platform material :
aluminum plate
Extruder Liquid Cooled Single Screw With Three Temperature Regions Platform fixed : Vacuum aspiration
Nozzle Diameter: 2.0 mm (standard)
1.0  3.0 mm  (Choosable)
Power failure recovery : Yes
Nozzle material: Copper alloy (standard)
hardened steel or others (Choosable)
Automatic Feeding Yes
Layer Thickness:  0.3 – 2.0 mm Contorl : Wifi control
Position Resolution : X/Y: 5.86 μm Z: 1.56μm Camera Monitoring : Standard

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Q1. Are you a factory or a distributor?
IEMAI is a factory specializing in the production of 3D printers and 3D printing filaments.
Q2. What are your delivery terms?
Q3. What is your delivery time?
For samples, we have machines in stock, and we will send them to you as soon as we receive your payment. For large orders, it depends on the quantity. We will confirm with you before signing the contract.
Q4. Can it be produced based on samples?
Yes, we can produce according to your samples.
Q5. How long does it take to print an object?
It depends on the size of the object and the resolution level.
Q6. Do you test all products before shipping?
Yes, we have passed 100% test questions before shipment.
Q7.Can we print our logo or company name on your products or packaging?
Yes, we support OEM service.
Q8. How do you establish a long-term and good business relationship with us?
1. We maintain good quality and competitive prices to ensure that customers benefit; we are a direct manufacturer of this machine. We have a professional team to ensure the quality of the goods; provide high-quality products that can support all customers to sell goods for a longer time;
2. We respect every customer and treat them as our friends. We conduct business sincerely and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.
3. We provide after-sales service, and we have a technical team that can support all customers to understand the relevant machine installation and operation.