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Isanmate red bronze silk PLA has the characteristics of strong luster and easy printing. It is suitable for most FDM printers and 3D printing pens. We also support customized services. If you need it, please contact us.

iSANMATE silk pla filament 3d printer filament silk like filament pla red bronze filaments for 3d print 3d printing materials

Product Name Silk Filament Color red bronze
Wire Diameter 1.75mm Tolerance +/-0.02mm
Net Weight 1kgs Gross Weight 1.35kgs
Length Around 340m Certificates ROHS, CE, ISO
Print Temp 190-220degrees Hot Bed Temp. 50℃
Print Speed 40-80mm/s OEM&ODM Acceptable
Customize Color Available Packing Vacuum Packing

1. Features
Isanmate silk filament is based on FFF/FDM technology, with the features of orderly winding,
no bubble, strong toughness, high precision.Smooth and shiny finish like real silk.  

2. Orderly winding                                                                                                                         
All of our PLA 3D filament was neatly arranged, no knotting when printing.

3. High Precision                                                                                                                                        
Keep the stable tolerance in +/-0.02mm, no clogging and ensure the great 3D printing effect.       

4. Strong Toughness
360°turn back without break. 

5. Multi-colors for optional                                                                                                                                                             
Customized your own color 3d printer filament are available. 

6. Environmentally-friendly    
The material of our filament 3D was imported from Thailand and USA, 100% pure material. 

7. Easy to print                                                                                                                                                                                            
Our 3D printer filament works for 99% 3D printers and 3D pens.

8. 3D Model Display 
A low shrinkage and good form ability. Mixed with silk and metallic texture,  the 3d printed model looks 
much more shinier than basic ones.

9.Vacuum Package 
Neutral packaging delivery, customize brand logo is available.

We are currently CE and ROHS certified
About the Customization
Our company pla printer filament receive customized services, there are a variety of spools, outer packaging and even label content can be customized.If you need customization, please communicate the details with our business personnel in advance.

About the outer packaging, we have two kinds of boxes:  carton boxes and colorful boxes,If you have any custom packaging requirements, you can send us your box design documents.
iSANMATE Successful Case:

We have the production workshop for our own. Since its establishment, it has cooperated with many domestic and foreign brands of filaments. The company has strong R&D and production strength.

iSANMATE Severies:
1. Pre-sale: there will be someone who will communicate with you in detail the details of the order, such as: purchase quantity, whether to customize, query the order shipping fee, etc.
2. In-sale: a special person is responsible for inquiring about the logistics dynamics and communicating with you in a timely manner
3. After-sales: If you have any questions after receiving the goods, we will have a special person to tra

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1. Personal or business information
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3. Inquiry for MOQ, Unit Price, etc

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1.Q: Why my object printed with silk filament has no glossy surface?
A: You need to make sure that the printing temperature matches well with the printing speed. You need to adjust the printing temperature to 200-220℃.
2.Q: I failed to print small models with silk PLA. Why?
A: Silk PLA has silk texture, smooth surface and strong toughness, which is not suitable for printing high-precision or small-sized models.
3.Q: Why my filament tngles? How can I solve it?
A: The tangle of filament isn’t caused by the disordered or the imperfect winding. According to the production technology of filament, the filament winds back and forth (from left to right and then from right to left). Normally, there is no overline tangle. A common cause of tangle is that the filament end is not fixed to the holes of spool. Overline tangle or the changed winding direction make filament tangle. So customers need to fix the filament end to the proper holes of the spool.
4.Q: Can PLA be used to print tableware?
A: Not recommended. Although PLA is degradable, food-grade raw material, the PLA with toughener is non-food grade. If you really want to print a set of tableware, transparent PLA is suggested.
5.Q: The nozzle is clogged by PLA, and how can I solve it?
  A: Inconstant filament diameter, the lower nozzle temperature and frequent replacement with different kinds of filaments will lead to this problem. So, before you get started, clean the nozzle and turn up the temperature to a proper value.
6.Q: My prints have web-like strings (stringing) issues. How can I troubleshoot it?
  A: Too high temperature makes the PLA filament melt and flow so fast. Please turn the temperature down to a proper value.  
      The retracting parameters are improper, so adjust the retracting length and speed.  
7.Q: There are too much melted filament around the nozzle. What should I do?
  A: This problem can be attributed to over-high temperature, low printing speed, and in the slice software, the nozzle diameter doesn’t match with the extrusion output.
8.Q: The PLA filament was perfect when I opened the package. After several times of intermittent printing, my PLA filament snaps by accident during printing. Why?
A: Normally, the PLA filament in the printing process will not snap by themselves. However, after being affected by moisture, the degradable material PLA will be more brittle and easier to break, so you should pay attention to dampproof.
9.Q: The surface of my print isn’t very smooth. Why?
  A: The printing temperature is too high or too low. The temperature doesn’t match well with the printing speed. You need to adjust the printing speed or temperature.
10.Q: Why my PLA-printed objects don't stick to the heated bed? How do I solve?
A: The distance between the nozzle and the bed is too far. Make sure your heated bed is leveled and it’s clean. Then judge if the printing temperature and heated bed temperature are too low, and our customers should adjust them to correct ranges.

Q11. Is iSANMATE a factory or a trading company?
Yes, we are the factory in China. Welcome to visit us.
Q12. Which payment method does iSANMATE provide?
Alibaba guarantees trade orders, T/T, Paypal, Western Union, etc.
Q13. What is your delivery method?
EXW, FOB Shenzhen or FOB Guangzhou are all available. Choose the cost-effective one for you.
Q14. Do you provide guarantee for the product?
1 year gurantee for all of our products.
Q15. Is there a certificate on your product?
Sure, CE, all ROHS and ISO certification.
Q16. Is it possible to make a custom order?
Yes, OEM and ODM are acceptable.