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1. Have you blocked the experimental development project of 3D printing consumables due to the problem of budget?
2. Are you confused about regional planning due to the limitation of office area or site?
3. Do you suffer from technical bottlenecks in material development due to lack of experience?
4. Do you have any obstacles to equipment procurement due to the problem of power supply voltage?
5. Have you been ignored by 3D printing filaments manufacturers due to the purchase of small quantities of new materials?
Choosing Songhu shares will solve all these problems! Songhu Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of 3D printing wire extrusion equipment. Fully respect the market demand and meet the different needs of customers with continuous innovation. The 3D printing wire rod experimental extrusion unit launched by Songhu has been favored by customers since its listing.

The price of this filament extrusion line is 8500-10000 USD, MOQ is 1 set, the lead time: 30-45 working day
(The above price information may be changed, please contact us for the latest quotation plan)
Introduction video of our mini 3d filament extrusion line :
SHSJ-25mm PLA ABS PETG MINI 3d filament extrusion line

Advantages of mini 3d filament extrusion line:
1. Higher capacity compared with other suppliers using the same model.
2. Perfect tolerance:+/-0.03mm, even+/-0.01mm.
3. It can produce the different diameter of filament from 1.5mm-3.0mm.
4. Easy operation: PLC full-automatically control system.
5. Produce different raw material: ABS PLA PA HIPS PET.
6. Low maintain. We did not receive any complaint once the machine is running.
7. We can provide installation services overseas

The Composition of mini 3d filament extrusion line
No.  Name  Quantity 
1 SHSJ-25Main Extruder  1SET 
2 1.75mm and 3.0mm Mould  1SET 
3 Hot and Cold Water Tank  1SET 
4 Two Wheels Puller  1SET 
5 Laser X  1SET 
6 Single Spool Winder  1SET 

Extruder Motor: 0.75KW
Extruder Capacity: 1-2kg per hour
Heating Area: 3 zones

Raw Material: 38CRMOALA
Diameter : 1.75mm and 3.0mm

3. Hot and Cold Water Tank
Length : 800mm
Two stages : Hot and cold
Water pump: 300w

4. Laser X
Tolerance : +/-0.03mm
It can feedback to the extruder
Loop control system

5. Puller Machine
Two wheels
Motor: 750w

6. Winder Machine
Single Spool
Tension :0.3N

7. 3D printing sample for reference:

Songhu service:
1、Pre sales:
We will conduct in-depth communication according to your sample requirements and the actual production workshop, which can effectively ensure the pertinence of products
2、In production:We welcome relevant technicians of your company to come to supervise and guide, and we will also report to the project leader of your company periodically
3、Before shipment:We will make qualified products with equipment and ship them after your confirmation
4、After shipment:After the goods arrive, the relevant installation technicians will be in place for installation, and our Songhu engineers will also be present to give relevant guidance and training (at present, the world is in the epidemic period, and we will provide guidance services as appropriate)


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