PA12 Nylon Air Brake Hose Extruder Machine

PA12 nylon air brake hose extruder machine is used for producing all kinds of different size PA nylon soft tubes, applied to break oil tube, instrument coil, air-condition pump, irrigation control system, textile factory, food factory, fuel transmission tube for vehicle & steamer, vacuum system, vibration isolator tube.

Diameter Range: 8-22 mm
Production Speed: 5-18 m/min
Suitable material: PA6 PA10 PA11 PA12

Nylon (PA) tubing is resistant to solvents, alkalies, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungus and molds. Nylon (PA) tubing also resists crushing, abrasion and cracking. It has generally good resistance to dilute mineral and organic acid. Nylon tubing will not become brittle or swell because of water and it is resistant to flexural fatigue, tube vibration and movement. And nylon tubing is lightweight with excellent bend radii and pressure ratings.

Air, water, chemicals, instruments, lubrication line irrigation control system, textile factory, food factory, vehicle and ship fuel delivery pipe, vacuum system, air conditioning system, vibration insulator, electrostatic insulator and other industries.
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Composition of PA nylon pipe plastic extruder machine
No. Equipment Name Quantity Remark
1 Single Screw Extruder 1 SET High Performance
3 Extrusion Mould 1 SET S316 Mould
4 Vacuum Cooling Water Tank 1 SET Stainless Steel SUS 304
5 Laser Diameter Measuring Instrument 1 SET XY biaxial angle measure
6 Haul-Off Machine 1 SET high precision drive system
7 Winding Machine 1 SET double station


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