stable operation 25kg per hour PVC plastic pipe extruder machine SHSJ-45 PE medical tube extrusion machine

Extruder SJ50/28
L/D 28:1
Main motor 35KW
Heating power 2KWX220V
pipe diameter 3-16mm
Output 25kg/h
stable operation 25kg per hour PVC plastic pipe extruder machine SHSJ-45 PE medical tube extrusion machine

1.General Introduction:

Songhu PVC plastic pipe extruder machine  is manly used for pvc medical tube production.The machine parts are including automatic feeder , single screw extruder , high precise lever tube mold , forming tank , laser meter for final tube diameter and roundness checking , puller , cutter machine or winder. The soft extrusion machine for tube medical product is easy and safe for operation , lower consumption , and stable for production.

2.Main configuration list of PVC plastic pipe extruder machine:
NO. Name  Quantity  Remarks 
1 SHSJ-50/55 Main Extruder  1SET  Single Screw 
2 Extruder Mould  1SET  Customized 
3 4 Meters Water Tank  1SET  with vacuum Pump 
4 Servo controlled Puller and Cutting  1SET   
5 Stacker  1SET  Collector 
6 Winder  1SET  Customized 

3.Machine parts introduction:

3.1). Machine Part: Single screw extruder:1set

-----Screw(Special for PVC material)
------Material of screw: 38CrMoALA
------Barrel inner-surface treatment
-----Driving motor: AC variable

3.2).   Extruding Mould:1set
------Steel Material: S136
------Size: According to sample size

3.3). 6 meter automation circulation heating cooling water tank
------Water tank material: Stainless steel SUS304
------Water tank length: 6000mm (divided into two segments)
------ Automatic control of the heating water tank :1piece
------ Heating power: 2KWX220V
------ 90W, 220V high temperature water pump: 1 set
------Three dimensional adjusting tank frame 1 meters (around / about / on)

3.4).Durable PU puller device and Cutting Machine
------Power of Motor : 0.75 Kw with double motor
------The length of Belt: 500mm
------The speed of puller: 30m/min
------Raw Material of Belt: PU
The Machine running will be very stable. It is easy to operate up and down

3.5). Stacker
------Length : According the cutting length
------For collecting the samples

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3、Before shipment:We will make qualified products with equipment and ship them after your confirmation
4、After shipment:After the goods arrive, the relevant installation technicians will be in place for installation, and our Songhu engineers will also be present to give relevant guidance and training (at present, the world is in the epidemic period, and we will provide guidance services as appropriate)

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