Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose PVC Coating Machine flexible metal hose pvc coating machine for home use natural gas

Extruder SHSJ-55
L/D 28:1
Main motor 30KW
Heating power 15kw
pipe diameter 4-45mm
Output 30kg/h
Coated thickness 0.5mm-2mm
Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose PVC Coating Machine flexible metal hose pvc coating machine for home use natural gas

1.General Introduction:

   The function of the PVC corrugated pipe coating machine is to realize the outer coating of metal corrugated pipes. The outer coating is mainly made of different plastics such as PVC, PE, ABS, PA, etc. The finished product coating metal corrugated pipe are suitable for wire casings and other applications. In these fields, it can protect wires and cables, achieving insulation and waterproof effects, and improving the bending and beauty of cables.
   This PVC coated steel corrugated pipe is used for wire protection at railways, engines, traffic system engineering, air-conditioners, various machinery, power plants, chemical industries, power distribution system, communication system, vessels, mansions, factory buildings as well as outdoors' exposed locations.

2.Main configuration list of stainless steel metal hose pvc coating machine:
No. Machine Name Quantity Remark
1 Rewinding Machine 1SET Let pipe go through the mould smoothly
2 Vacuum Device 1SET Make coating better
3 Main Extruder 1SET SHSJ-55
4 4meter Water Tank 1SET Cooling
5 Belt Puller 1SET Tension Control
6 Winder /Cutting 1SET  

3.Machine parts introduction:

3.1). Shaping Blower:1SET

—Air Blower Power : 3KW
— Gas controllable : Vacuum Device

3.2).   High Precision Main Extruder 55mm:1SET
---Screw: (Special for PVC material )
---Dia: 55mm
---L/D: 28:1
---Screw treatment: Nitrogenization and polished Cr plated Barrel
---Inner surface treatment Nitrogenization and polished
---Controlling type:Delta Frequency inverter

3.3). Coating Mould(According customer’s requirement):1SET
One Mould body, different size the mould should changing some spare parts
The Raw Material of Mould : S136 special steel for mould Quenching and Tempering
Product Specification: According to customer requirement
Rectangular Type : To make the extruder pressure more balance
Embeded: To get perfect coating statue
Treatment method: Heating and blackening

3.4).meters water tank:1SET
Motor power: 0.75KW
Water Box: 50 L
Direction : Moving up and down / left and right
Size : 4meter longer

3.5). Auto haul-off device
Motor power: 1.5KW
Control type: Frequency inverter controller
Haul-off wheel material: Durable PU
Haul-off wheel length:800mm
Max. Haul-off speed: 60m/min

4. Finished products:

Songhu service:
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3、Before shipment:We will make qualified products with equipment and ship them after your confirmation
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